a summer outing with friends at my favorite spot

Osdorp, Amsterdam

This is my story — alongside a glimpse of my interests.

Spoiler Alert!

A long volunteering journey.

I was inspired by the idea of making a difference in the world as a teenager, so I dedicated my 2013 summer holiday to help visually impaired individuals. Since then, this passion has never stopped.

In college, I joined a charitable student activity that solved people's problems. It's where I learned to work with people from different backgrounds and on a human level.

Celebrating Mother's Day with fellow volunteers at Ebtsama.

Tanta, Egypt

Celebrating an A+ graduation project discussion and the last school day.

Tanta, Egypt

My BG in Computer Engineering.

In July 2022, I graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering in Egypt. There, I became fascinated with creating innovative products.

The combination of software & hardware taught me how to handle complexity and use cutting-edge technologies to FAST solve difficult problems.

A strong belief.

Growing up, I learned that it's tough to make the whole world better, but I found that small actions can still have huge impact.

In college, I helped my colleagues by sharing my study notes and simplifying over 8 courses. This way, instead of just me becoming a good engineer, all of us (80+) could graduate as better engineers together.

June 15, 2022

2022 Computer Engineering Graduates

Thanks to Amal and thanks to everyone who helped us make it through this college successfully.❤️❤️


06:04 PM

A thank-you message on our last exam day, shared on our peer communication channel, from my colleague.

Home, Egypt

A warm, clear-sky birthday.

Zwolle, The Netherlands

But I wanted more.

Though I loved the way engineering shapes the digital world we live in, I felt so isolated. I wanted to work with people-level problems, not machines.

I craved some social interaction and feedback, not just endless lines of code and debugging. I love the human side of things and I needed something more human and creative. And the sky is the limit!

This thing called UX?

It was a random day. I wish I had saved the date. A friend shared a link with me and said, "I think you'd like this." It was about design, interacting with people, and its impact on others. That's when I fell in love.

That day, I decided to be on the human side of tech.

Unexpected masterpiece, a March snowfall.

Amsterdam New-West

Art piece, MOCO Museum Amsterdam.

Museum Square, Amsterdam

Making it all happen.

To my advantage, I was able to leverage the strong foundation in logical thinking and problem-solving skills I had picked up during school and volunteering to accelerate my journey of self-learning UX Design.

I was also lucky to have two semesters left which allowed me to practically apply my design knowledge in shaping the projects we worked on while being supervised by professors in the market. Right timing? Yup!

In my spare time,

You might find me on a walk somewhere in Amsterdam, trying to get my Dutch skills back, helping someone around, watching football (a huge Madridista here!) or watering my plants.

Say hello to my first batch of cherry tomato goodness!

Thank you for passing by!

My kids aka cherry tomatos.

My garden, Amsterdam